Updated 4th March 2022 

Q. Is a MI3 head compatible with legacy MID Eletronic (metal box) or is Mi3 Communication Box compatible with MID head?

A. No. You need to exchange both

Q. What kind of material is the lens of MI3 LT?

A. It is silicon.

Q. I recently received Mi310LTS heads and have noticed strange behavior. What can I do?

A. If the serial number starts with 55 Please navigate to this page and try the small TT updater program TT Updater

Q. Can the OEM version connect directly (not using a COMM box) to a PLC?

A. Theoretically yes. There are open sourced Arduino/Raspberry Pi based PLCs on the market that offer i2C connectivity (3.3V logic).  OEMMi3 can work at this signal level. These are very new products with unknown market adoption. Traditional based PLC manufactures appear to offer I2C by using an additional interface device. In which case, one may as well use an Mi3COMM, or Mi3MCOMM with built-in industrial protocol.

Q. How to Unlock the locked MI3 COM Box?

A. The unit can be unlocked by pressing the "Page" button and the "ENT" button simultaneously for 3 seconds or alternatively by pressing the "ENT" button for 5 seconds.

Q.  Is there a special Mi3COMM box that will allow easy exchange of a single head?

A.  Yes, the FJFMi3COMM will automatically delete the head when disconnected and allow a new head to install as HEAD1. This is designed only for single head use.

Q. Does Mi3 with Profinet support "diagnostic data"?

A. No.

Q. Is the MI3 series compatible to connect  to DTMD v6?

A.  Yes, but from revision 6.1.

Q.  How does the alarm relay operate with setpoints in a multi-head system?

A.  Consider a scenario where the Tobj setpoint for Head 1 is set at 200 deg C and that of Head 2 is set at 220 deg C

1. When the Head 1 measures temp equal or in excess of 200 Deg C, the alarm relay activates. 
2. If Head 1 continues to measures in excess of 200 Deg C & Head 2 measures in excess of 220 Deg C, the alarm relay will stay active.
3. If Head 1 temperature drops below 200 Deg C, but Head 2 temperature is still above 220 Deg C, the alarm relay will still stay active.
4. If Head 1 temp drops below 200 Deg C & Head 2 temp drops below 220 Deg C, the alarm relay will turn OFF.

Q.  Will my MI3100 be damaged looking at an object 3000 Deg C/5432 Deg. Is there any stare effect?

A.  No.

Q.  Is there any "stare" effect with Mi3100 (reading remains high for a very short period after measuring a hot object for a long time)?

A.  No.

Q.  Is it possible to use DTMD v6 to drive a fixed value of mV or mA on the output?

A.  This is not currently supported, please use v5.4.1 (Loop Maintenance mode).

Q.  Can the Atex version be used in Zone 1

A.  Yes - for further info see  Mi3 Atex Info Page

Q. Unable to find  On the menu box set-up On output 1 to select for T/C type

Their is no indication )only shows  output of a  factory default setting of 0 to 5 VDC

A. On  the menu page box setup by pressing  the down arrow until you see output 2 this will have a factory of 0 to 5 VDC

Press ENT >  0 to 5 VDC will shade out  press the down arrow to you see disable 

Press ENT>then scow down on the down arrow unit you see output 1 set to 0 to 5VDC

Press  ENT> will shade out press the down arrow you will see T/C Selection 

Press ENT  =  output 1 is set to T/C 

Q.  Is there an Mi3 replacement for an MID DOP head?

A.  Yes, please check the FJP special 30:1 option. Remember that you will also need to replace the COMM box. You construct the specification in the same way you with any Mi3 head:

FJP Mi3 30 LT SF (but also available in CF1 and CF2 like TX) plus CB3,8,15 (if you need >1m)