1. Terminal Side Details :

2. Pinout Connector Side Details : 

Pin-OutWire ColorDescription
A1Black with Number-1Ground
A2Black with Number-224 VDC
A3RedTrigger Input +
A4PinkTrigger Input -
A5Yellow and WhiteFor Service Only
A6Yellow and BrownFor Service Only
A7WhiteEthernet 6
A8YellowEthernet 3
A9GreenEthernet 1

B2BlueInternal Relay
B3VioletInternal Relay
B4Green and WhiteFor Service Only
B5Green and BrownFor Service Only
B6Pink and GreyFor Service Only
B7Blue and RedFor Service Only
B8BrownEthernet 2

C1Not UsedNot Used
C2Not UsedNot Used
C3BlackmV Input +
C4GreymV Input -
C5Not UsedNot Used
C6Not UsedNot Used
C7White and GreyFor Service Only
C8Brown and GreyFor Service Only
C9Not UsedNot Used