If you experience a reset to factory default settings in the Endurance during a power cycle and can isolate that it is not caused by Ethernet/IP or Profinet startup parameters then please try the following before creating an RMA:

Perform a factory default reset via the rear push buttons:

Save settings using DTMD Device Information - if you save as .endurance or .mdd you generate 2 files. The file with extension .mdd or .endurance are the settings and the file with extension .txt is a report of the settings for archive purposes.

1. Power the sensor.

2. Press the Page button once takes you to Configuration Menu.

3. When you see TEMP. UNITS  or MODE press up button 3 times

4. Reading will display FACTORY DEFAULT and NO

5. Press ENT, NO will blinking

6. Press UP once, YES will blinking

7. Press ENT. You will see the display revert to FACTORY DEFAULT and NO (this is normal)

8. Power cycle the sensor

9. Upload settings via DTMD or key in new settings as required.

10. Power cycle once more to verify

If the settings still revert to factory default please raise a ticket, so that we can track the fault and help with creation of a DOA or RMA claim.

We have created this article because in a majority of cases the problem is solved. Investigations to establish a root cause are still ongoing. If the settings are saved it is highly unlikely, (based on our experience) that you will experience the problem again. 

Nevertheless, an RMA can be raised even 

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