Hints & Tips

Q. Can I use DTMD  5.4.1 with Thermalert 4.0

A.  No

Q. Which is the earliest version of DTMD v6  that is compatible

A.  v6.0 (previously Endurance software)

Q. Table 10-21 of the Thermalert 4.0 manual shows two different transmissivity values of 0.62 and 0.71 for ZnS material?  Is this correct?

A.  The difference in the transmissivity values is due to the different optical models behind. SF and CF provide different optical paths.  With an attached protective window these geometries are not optimal any longer because a part of the incoming IR energy is blocked. This results in different effective transmissivity given in the table. So the root cause of the different values is not the material itself but the limited opening for the optical paths.

Additionally, the  LT-15-SF0 model is a bit special compared to the other SF models because it uses a plastic lens which requires a dedicated lens holder. As a result, the optical path for that unit is already restricted and can not be compromised more when using a protective window.

Q. Can a T4.0 fit in an old Thermojacket (TJ) from a Marathon, TX, MM etc

A. Yes, you need to buy the adapter kit A-TJ-T40-CKIT

Q. Can I reuse the TJ adapters from a TX or XR for a T4.0

A. Yes and no. You can use the nose adapter but no the rear adapter - you still need to buy the kit as the rear adapter is not available separately: