Quick answers to frequent and less frequent questions - based on real question asked (continuously updated).

Q. What is a typical file size of a saved snapshot?

A. with 512 pixels set in the scanner work on 128KB per 100 lines for binary format and double that for text format

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Q. What does error code 10053 mean?

A. This is a Windows error code describing a TCP/IP socket error cause by loss of communication or inability to establish communication between the linescanner and pc. The software will likely state "Software caused connect abort [ErrNo. 10053] and this is often assumed to be a software issue. The software is closing the connection (releasing the socket) because it is not needed (communication could not be established).

Q. What can I do if I get an error code 10053?

A. If the system was previously running, then probably you can try to repower the scanner and restart the software otherwise you can do nothing and the linescanner will need to be returned (after excluding a network problem (cabling, LAN card etc). If the system is new then check that the IP address in the configurator and the LAN card are correct (in the range of the linescanner).

Q. I cannot define the alarm output COM port for use with the legacy Raytek branded alarm module (supplied as standard in EC150 up to 2019). 

A. Ethernet communication must be enabled.

It is not necessary to define a COM port when using serial communications as the alarm module must be connected inline of the scanner serial communication cable (D25 adapter or box), in which case the COM port for the  module is the COM port for the scanner and  the option is not visible in the configurator Input/Output tab. 

When you set scanner communication to ethernet communication, you must define the COM port separately for the alarm module - then the drop down menu is shown. Note: If using a USB to RS232 adapter, it must have all features (not just data send and receive). 

Q. The analog output signal does not match the calculated sector or zone values, or the control system reading does not match the calculated sector or  zone values.

A. Check that the PLC input scaling matches the output scaling in the DTDP configuration. Alternatively, check that each Wago analog output card is set appropriately (should be 4-20mA) but could be set to 0-20mA. Wago 750-563 analog output modules are configurable for 0-20mA or 4-20mA and should have been set at the factory (if the customer purchased from us). See https://fluke.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/19000122156-faq for further info.

Q. In GS150 of TF150, what format can snapshots be saved in.

A. File formats are .bin (for display only within the software - can be converted to other formats), text file, jpeg and tiff. Additionally, snapshot zone results can be logged into a text file.

Q. Are these formats also available in ES150 and EC150. Except zone results into a log file are not available.

A. Yes.

Q. Installing DTDP is not possible - error in InstallShield Installation.

A. Delete {B4EE1483.....folder inside C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information.