Last Updated 5th May 2022

What is the latest full software beta version?


What is the latest full software version?


What is the latest full software version available on the website?


What is the latest lite software version?


Is there a Changlog for the software?

See this link (subject to access permissions): Link ThermoView Software Changelog

When I enter the license key I get this message, what does it mean?

It will be happend if your software version is too old. Please download actual version from our homepage

What FieldNet protocols are supported?

EthernetIP and Modbus (specific versions are available). IEC61850 (in test phase)

How are IP settings configured?

Default settings are DHCP (your router) or Windows Auto IP 169...

Manual IP address can be set using the web server (you will need to discover the IP address first using the GigE Vision/Genicam connection function in the TV software).

How do I discover the IP address of the camera?

1. Use the Connect tool in Thermoview Software - will discover GigE Vision IP address even on a different subnet.

2. Use an IP-Scanner tool like Angry IP.

3. Connect with Pleora Ebus Player - will discover GigE Vision IP address even on a different subnet.

I have discovered an IP address, but I can't start streaming. What are the next steps?

Check your pc network settings.

1. If the camera is new (set to Dynamic IP by default ) and not connected to a DHCP server - it will have the Windows assigned IP address 169.254.nnn.nnn - in this case your settings should be set to "Automatic" (default). This is the default for most corporate configurations and is typical of a direct connection from camera to pc. You can only change these pc settings if you have administrator privileges.

2. If the camera is new and connected to a DHCP server (like a router), it will be assigned an IP from the DHCP server (as will the pc). The address will be other than 169.254.nnn.nnn. The pc network settings should also be set to "Automatic". This is a less likely scenario where the camera and pc would connect via a managed switch and this managed switch would connect to a router for IP address assignment. 

3. If the cameras has no connection to a DHCP server and the  IP address is other than 169.254.nnn.nnn this means the camera has a fixed IP address. In this case the pc network settings must be configured to have  the same IP address range but with unique fourth octet values. 

Example - Camera, PC You can only change these settings if you have administrator privileges. 

Can I record with Fusion view enabled and playback with adjustment between video and visual?


I had Fusion enabled and with the recorded files I created, I am not able to use the sliders between IR and visual.

This was a bug fixed in 7.5.132. The information was recorded but was not loaded during playback. 

The Fusion view option via the View Tab is grayed out, how do I enable it?

Ensure that Fusion is selected via the Controls button in the Image Acquisition Panel

Can a generated alarm use the pc soundcard for an audible alarm


How can I compare two AOIs?

Use the connection tool to join two AOI of the same type together. Consider the direction of the connection.

Can the calculated comparison value be displayed on the Thermogram?

No, it is displayed in Analysis Objects

Can the calculated value be alarmed?

Yes, now available as drop down parameters (before you have to make a duplicate comparison in Automation Mode)

Is there a hysterisis or deadband function for the alarm output?


Can I change the IP address of the camera in Thermoview software?

No, only via the web server page and then rebooting the camera. 

Using the Boot-P function for the Wago output modules- sometimes I cannot connect

If you are using a separate LAN card (or USB/LAN adapter) for the module it may be necessary to modify one setting. Open LAN card properties and click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), click Advanced, uncheck Automatic Metric, set Interface metric value to 10.

Can I see the actual Date/Time stamp of a recorded .irs stream.

You will be able to see the actual Date/Time stamp if you click "Open" to select the .irs stream and play it in offline mode. The actual Date/Time stamp doesn't appear if you play the .irs stream as a disk source.

Can I display as an image the event of a high alarm on the screen and save an image to archive?

Yes. In Automation Mode, Actions - Add, Action Type - Snapshot, Select Trigger (according to preset Conditions) and check: Show on Screen, Save to disk, Also save preview in jpeg format. You can also select an email for the same alarm under actions.

Where can I download the software?

Software and manuals can be downloaded directly from the camera itself. 

If the IP address of the camera is not known then you can download the software from our website:

With a new installation how many days am I allowed before needing to activate the software?

30 days

When I start the software I get this message, what does it mean?

The free use period before activation has been exceeded or you were sent an installation key without a free use period.  You must activate the program (online or offline) or change the License (installation key).