10th February 2022

Endurance Main 2.02.31 (includes changes and improvements from pre-release candidate 2.02.30)

New ASCII Commands and parameters supporting new functions

1. New command TG (?TG) - (raw value for use with DTMD to comparing an unprocessed with a post processed value).


2. New command CT (CT=) Peak Hold Temperature Reset (when reading falls below set CT value, the peak hold is reset. This is fundamentally different to Advanced Peak Threshold where the temperature must transition from low to high). 

This function applies equally to valley hold where the behavior description can be taken to be inverted.  

To disable function, set "CT=0".

3. New relay modes K=4 normally open and K=5 normally, useful for applications where Endurance replace Modline 5 where the relay was not affected by EUUU:

Bug Fixing

1. Broken TCP connections.

2. Broken Ethernet/IP connections (connection dropped with network reset but not sensor power reset). Implement "session reset".

3. Bug fixing and optimization for EAAA (attenuation failsafe) affecting peak hold behavior in 2C mode.

Note: Still pending - updating manual and software to support new commands


Please use only the ethernet connection for the update with the Endurance Software:

endurance_analog 2.02.05 is only needed for older ratio units

endurance_main_2.02.31 is applicable for all units