PolyIR2 is used a a lens material in T4.0 and as a protective window material for Mi3 XXXMI3ACPWP (polymer protective window with stainless steel holder - only for LT). We are often asked if this accessory is "food safe".

Although we do not make any claims around food safety the nature of the material means that it is safe for use in food applications where  glass or crystal lenses or windows are prohibited due to the risk of fragments entering the production line if they become damaged.

We have not sought specific food safety certification for the material but it has been generally accepted over the years.

The material has been cleared for use in the US and the UK by an OEM that uses the TV43, where they have made their own "food safe" camera housing with 150mm from window out of PolyIR2.

Currently the manufacturer does not specify the type of polymer they use. 7th January 2022, we have requested this information and will update this article if and when we receive it.

Please note that the T4.0 protective window A-T40-PW-PF is not PolyIR2 but a thin film "foil".