Special note. Take care for the differences between DTMD v5 and v6 for programming Advanced Hold functions. They cannot be programmed using the push buttons.

Using DTMD v 5.4.1 the parameter setting for peak or valley hold was taken care of by the software interface.

In v6 one must consider the parameters individually. Confusion can arise as v6 demands that to set valley hold a negative hysteresis value must be used.


Setting XY=1 and C=40 in v6:

is displayed and configured in v5:

If you set Adv. Valley Hold in v5:

it is displayed and configured in v6:


Note that in DTMDv6 you must set the Advanced Hold Hysteresis (XY) manually to enable the function after setting the Advanced Hold Threshold (C) value 

Advanced Peak Hold using 40 degrees Celsius Threshold with 1K Hysteresis.