Table for comparison of main differences between the two available packages.



FeatureCS400 StandardCS400 Advanced
Number of kilns1Unlimited
Number of scanners3Unlimited
Brick and coating thickness estimationNoYes
Advanced Refractory, Drillings, Shell RepairsNoYes
Remote Kiln Server (for client connection)YesYes
Envelope Profile (normality deviation alarm)NoYes
1 Client License IncYesYes
Reporting Basic Yes - In ProgressNo
Reporting NoYes - In Progress
Temperature Map 2DYesYes
Virtual Kiln 3DYesYes
Kiln Section 3D with Brick ZonesYesYes
Kiln Section 3D with Brick Zones & CoatingNoYes
Kiln End View with Brick Zones (main view polar chart)YesYes
Kiln End View with Brick Zones & Coating (main view polar chart)NoYes
Section (small polar chart - thickness/color relationship)NoYes
OPC UAIn ProgressIn Progress