Thermalert 4.0 Advanced Post Processing is defined by 3 parameters. It is mutually exclusive to Peak or Valley hold:

C = Threshold temperature for resetting the hold

XY = Hysterisis, which must always be set to a value other than zero (negative for valley hold/positive for peak hold)

AA= Average time, which will slow the readings for temperature rise and fall

You can effectively disable this advanced processing by setting Hysterisis (XY) = 0

If you set Peak Hold (P) or Valley Hold (F) to any value, Hysterisis will be set to 0 and advanced post processing will be also disabled.

In addition, the trigger input can also be used to reset any hold function by connecting the trigger momentarily  to -24V (GND). This will also disable the hold function as long as it remains connected to GND. 

This is especially useful to delay the peak hold function in certain applications.

The FTC3 input must be configured in DTMD to FTC3 trigger/hold = Trigger (XN=T):



With Advance Peak Hold C=60, XY= 0.1

With Advance Peak Hold + Average Time  C=60, XY= 0.1, AA=5