Service Level Agreement

We can provide ad-hoc remote augmented reality support for our products (subject to support staff availability). 

Generally, The FPI Technical Support team are able to respond quickly (within a few hours) and will be able to provide ad-hoc support for up to 30 minutes.  There may be delays to initiate a connection depending on the size of the support queue.

For longer periods it may be necessary to make a booking, or if a particular issue is complex and needs additional time, it may be necessary to schedule additional sessions.

Please note that there may be a cost for support sessions other than for ad-hoc troubleshooting or product guidance, for example full system "start-ups" or complete software reinstallations and configuration.

We can support you if you have the following devices:

Compatible Glasses and Headsets

Microsoft - Hololens 2

Vuzix - Blade, M300XL

Epson - BT300, BT-350

RealWear - HMT-1, HMT-1Z1

Navigate via the device to the app' store and install Teamviewer Assist AR

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