The following description applies to all versions of DTDP:

1. In the runtime via Scanner - Scanner Parameter - enter the value manually.

2. Via a Wago digital input module - change emissivity or change .ini file via Switch Configurations/Emissivities via Digital IO

When an input channel receives a signal pulse the emissivity is changed or the new ini file is initiated. Changing just the emissivity causes a short pause (enough time to interrupt the stream to send the command). Initiating a new ini file takes longer as the software is restarted with the new ini file.

3. Via the voltage input (different to the trigger input):

There may need to be a small amount of trial and error or programming from the customer control system. This feature was added for installations on older glass tempering machines that had Land scanning systems installed (1st trial in the UK).

The following applies to GS150LE:

The following applies to TF150 and GS150 and GS150LE:

1. Right-click on the snapshot view:

You then double-click on the image to define a reference position and enter the "true" value:

The snapshot is recalculated and the new value can be stored in the linescanner. This is an operator function of how GS150LE works in an automated way.