Video Mode

It is possible to choose a single color channel as monochrome (from fw2.02.27). This can be useful in certain high temperature applications when the Color Mode is saturated. ASCII command CCM=C,M,R,G,B (choose one only):

Video Autogain

It is also possible to turn disable "Video Autogain" function (from fw2.02.23). ASCII command CGM=1 (default on), CGM=0 (off):

This was designed to eliminate video flicker effect. It has limited effectiveness when testing on incandescent light bulbs where the brightness is changing according to the AC frequency (not a typical real world application).

It is worth noting that Off does not mean that the gain is fixed just that video chip saturation compensation is disabled.

These commands are covered in the ASCII programming section of the Endurance Manual and are supported in DTMD v6 and higher