Server and Client PCs should be on the same network and have the same IP address range but with unique fourth octet values

Server PC should have a fully functional instance of the CS210 software already installed

Client PC should not have the CS210 software installed on it

Server PC should have the following folders "shared":


C:\Program Files (x86)\Raytek\DataTempCS

Server and Client PCs should have Guest / Public Folder sharing features enabled within Network and Sharing Center as shown below

PC Setup

At the Client PC, locate and access the shared files of the Server PC in the Network listing of device.  Knowledge of the ID and password of the Server PC will be necessary when prompted to enter these credentials

At the Client PC, access and run the "Icons" application within the shared DataTempCS folder of the Server PC as shown below.  Next, de-select the "CS Config" option, leave all other options as selected and then click "Install" as shown below.

At the Server PC, start the ReadScan application if it is not already started

At the Client PC, utilizing the Windows Search bar, type in "CS" to locate the newly created CS icon.  Copy this CS icon to the desktop.

At the Client PC, double-click the CS icon to launch the CS application


Will the CS system view function on the Client PC without Readscan running on the Server PC?  No

If Readscan is stopped / restarted on the Server PC, will the CS functionality stop / restart automatically on the Client PC?  Yes

Can the Client PC have CS system view while the Server PC is also running CS system view?  Yes

Can the Client PC have CS system view without the Server PC running CS system view?  Yes

Are the CS system views at the Client PC and Server PC independent of each other and can be individually manipulated?  Yes

With multiple Client PC system views are multiple instances of Readscan created?  No

Does the CS icon have to be run as Administrator on the Client PC?  No

Are CS system alarms and errors created / cleared on both the Client PC and the Server PC simultaneously? Yes