CS100 was cancelled in 2006 when CS200 was released.

CS100 used a mini microcontroller to handle the 100 lines needed per revolution. For data archiving it uses Microsoft Access with a  limitation of 2GB.

It is not possible to upgrade to CS210 software without removing the microcontroller and connecting the kiln trigger to the scanner trigger input - this involves a non documented modification to remove the microcontroller and link the trigger input directly to the scanner:

 X5/1 is scanner power and X4/1 is data and trigger.

The main long term issue was filling the database.

The system can be run in demo mode (see page 66) for jumper settings.

Historical data should be available (as long as there are no database issue) even without the kiln running).

It should be possible to temporarily view an old database file by renaming to the default name (hide current db in another folder).

Here the steps for presetting the MP150 Scanner:

(With this steps I have tested my installation in office)


Switch on the CS100 Interface Box (for communication)

Close CS100 and Readscan is it started.


Load the DataTempDP TF150 software (comes free with the scanner)

Open the Configurator


Set Communication to RS 485

Set the speed to 20Hz

Choose your Port (COM1)

Set the Baudrate to 57600




Next Tab:

Set Emissivity to 0.95

Set Temperaure range Top to 650°C

Set Temperaure range Bottom to 100°C

Set Transmissivity to 0.9 (for protection window of scanner enclosure)



Next Tab:  

Set Pixels per Line  to 256



Next Tab:

Set the Trigger by scanner

Set theTrigger  Source to External signal at scanner

Set Snapshot End after 1 Lines



Next Tab: 

Disable Ignore background temperature



Press Zone and check that no zones are defined

Press OK


Press OK


Start the DataTemp TF150


Now you should see the Image from kiln line per line.


Is it ok, then you can close the DataTemp DP and start the CS100.


Normally in CS100 command list is the PS command included. It means that now all parameters stored in scanner. 

You can make a check:


Close the CS100 Software

Switch off the CS100 Interface Box.

Turn on the CS100 Interface Box.

Please wait min. 1 minute for rebooting the scanner.

Start the CS100 software. 

The image should be complete and ok after one or two rotations.