Q. Why I can not connect the WAGO controller with my PC?

A. It could be that the controller is set to DHCP. Please refer WAGO web pages for support. Changing is possible with support cable and WAGO Ethernet Setting Software.

Q. The analog output signal does not match the calculated sector, AOI or  zone values, or the control system reading does not match the calculated sector, AOI or  zone values.

A. Check that the PLC input scaling matches the output scaling in the ScanIR3, DTDP or Thermoview configuration. Alternatively, check that each Wago analog output card is set appropriately (should be 4-20mA) but could be set to 0-20mA. Wago 750-563 analog output modules are configurable for 0-20mA or 4-20mA and should have been set at the factory (if the customer purchased from us).



Note: It may be necessary to power down the linescanner (ScanIR3) or stop Automation Mode (Thermoview) or close software (DTDP).