EnduranceEIP_04252019.eds and associated .ico and .bmp file

Factory EDS File developed with:

Name:              1769-L24ER-QB1B/A LOGIX5324ER

Product Typ:      14

Product Code:   149

Revision:             31.011

The file "With_Mods" is a customer modified version with a change in data format (0xD3 to 0xCA), used with:

AB Controllogix PLC 1756-L72

At this time 29th April 2020, it is believed more to do with the project than the PLC.

The modified version is included here as a backstop, please try it.

An extract of the Endurance manual for Ethernet IP is included for download.

Customer 3  1756-L82ES, running firmware 32.011 (under evaluation)

Compact Logix 5830 Tech' Support (under evaluation for Tech' Support in house testing)