Double checking the procedure for adding CS clients using Icons.exe

Server running Windows 7 and client with Windows 10

CS version 6.4 was used.

There is an FAQ document as a supplement to the manual that can be found in the location: C:\DataTempCS (software is unpacked to this folder for the installation)


It is generally recommend only to add the CS viewer program to each client and omit CSConfig. This is due to the fact that although changes can be made in the configuration, it is still necessary to manually restart READSCAN on the server pc to initiate the changes.

In this case (only adding CS) it is only necessary to add the line below into the firewall exceptions list, by creating new Incoming and Outgoing rulesas documented in page 101 of the manual:


Adding port 1433 into the profile is not necessary at this stage just for running CS from the client. 

For additional information please download the attached zip file.

Special Notes for system with > 1 LAN Cards and remote Deneb connection

In dbcheck,exe create an additional profile for the remote connection with the IP address of the 2nd LAN port.