Q. In CS212 or above, can there be a mix of MP50 and MP150.

A. Yes. However, all devices must be set to the same communication scheme. This means that the MP150 will need to be run with the same pixel count and and baud rate as the MP50. The MP150 should be preset using DTDP so that it already has the correct settings. Also, via CSConfig-Setting-General setting the  following setting must be set Points per line = 256, Bytes per point = 1.

Q. What pre-requisites are needed on the pc before installing CS.

A. Microsoft .net3.5 must be installed, local password protected admin account, disable UAC (user account control). You can download from this page what steps are needed to enabled .net 3.5 on a 2020 W10 pc where only Windows Update is possible and needs an online connection.

Q. While our system is running and operator is monitoring kiln on the screen, can somebody else (plant manager) access to historical data and see it from his computer? 

A. Yes, the CS program is essentially just a viewer and can be installed on any pc in the network (we have a small utility called ICONS that  handles this).

Q. What is your experience on how accurate position we are showing on the screen, for let’s say hot spot? Thermoteknix system is very unprecise so when operator see hot spot on the screen, he has to go with handheld device and determine where hot spot actually is within 3 m of kiln length.  

A. Anecdotally, between 1 and 2 m. This is subject to the angle settings matching reality and double checking against tires , gears, hatches etc during commissioning. Certainly, I don’t have any complaints that we have been way off in the past. There are areas of the kiln where the accuracy is better (for example at the perpendicular position, the accuracy is better than at the far edges.

Q. Fiberoptic lines are used to connect scanner connection boxes between them (from scanner box 1 to scanner box 2 to scanner box 3)?  

A. Yes, like a daisy chain.

Q. The system requires 1 or 2 fiberoptic lines? 

A. 2 lines, full duplex.

Q. From connection box in control room (where fiber optic line ends), computer is connected by network cable (RJ45) or you need FC card on computer and fiberoptic line between control room connection box and computer? 

A.  There is an FO to Cat5 converter in a box for the operator/control room

Q. Position indicator wiring: Can it be wired to any of 3 scanner system connection boxes? In this case, can it be wired to scanner 1 system connection box, even fiberoptic to control room is going from scanner3 system connection box? 

A. Yes, any scanner (only one) can receive the trigger pulse.

Q. In a multi scanner system, if scanner 1 or 2 fails and has to go on service, can they take out scanner 3 and put it temporarily in the scanner 1 or 2 housing? I assume they will only need to change IP on the scanner? 

A. Better to change the IP address in the configuration than the scanner – easier to do.

Q. Existing scanners are installed on outside wall of the shed which is covering complete kiln. They do not have compressed air and what they are doing now is they have small fans, picking air from outside (as it is with no dust), going through air filter and then introduced into scanner housing. Would they be able to do the same for our scanners? Any experience on this, or requirements, suggestions?

A. If they can use their own fans (as we don’t offer this) and then remove the protective window of the stainless steel housing, then yes no problem.

Q. Are analogue outputs available in the system.

A. There are 3 analogue outputs available in each MP150. The CS software is not designed to handle these outputs, but the can be configured using special commands (ASCII). There is no guidance for this in the CS manual but these are described in the MP150 manual. These must be considered purely back up outputs  - for example to provide the maximum temperature of one complete line (updated after each line).

Q. Which version of OPC is provided.

A. OPC DA - will not be changed under the current platform to UA.

Q. Are any FieldNet options available or planned under the current platform?

A. No