1. Is CS210 OPC server is a UA or DA server?

Ans- DA server.

2.  What is the Program ID/ Server ID?

Ans- CS200OPCServer

3. What is the Host ID?

Ans- This should be your PC name in which the CS software is installed. To find this; enter into command prompt & type ipconfig/allThe Host Name should be your HostID.

See attachment "Host ID"

4. What is the Class ID?

Ans- This is how you can find the Class ID:

On your desktop click on Start -> Run -> type "regedit". Hit Enter.

You will find several entries in this registry.

Look into My Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CS200OPCServer

Here you will see a subdirectory named CLSID showing the Class ID.

See attachment "Regedit_Class ID"

Also, if you have the softing OPC toolbox demo client installed, this ID will appear there as well.

See attachment "Server ID & Class ID_viewed via Softing OPC Toolbox Demo Client"

5. Note!

The CS OPC server supports Data Access in version 2.0 only!