Using the DTMD 6 S/W 

User  Option to select either a 1 Point or  2 point F/C on the following products>  

Models >    T4.0 , Endurance , Endurance Fiber Optical 

  Example of the following doing >

 1 Point F/C  on a T40-LT-15-SF0-2 

When you first open up DTMD6 S/W 

Populates tabs for selecting 

Please go to Devices

In the device tab

You will see Field calibration

Click onto it



It will populate  the model type

Click onto device name


It will populate with the following choice 1 point or 2 point

Select on to either 1 point or 2 point

Then hit next page



Insert a Known Temp value   then type   in the Target Temp of that value

Then select Record

Then you will see

 Then select Next page

Then select Transfer data to Device

Then select next page

click onto Close Field Calibration 

1 Point F/C is complete