Temperature Adjustment (previously named Customer Calibration) Example using DTDP v3.10.0.0/ES150

Check serial number of linescanner (for using in Configurator) :

Check firmware revision (3.46 of higher otherwise you will see no effect):

To change from this (no adjustment):


To this (+30K offset):

Open Configurator, go to Scanner Commands, hint, use CTRL-I in the running software:


Go to Temperature Adjustment:

Double click the first entries and enter the values (you must hit enter each time and not tab or use the mouse to go to the next field). You can make multiple adjustment step and the offsets are applied linearly point to point:

In this example we are making a 30K offset. Make sure that the serial number of the scanner is correct:

Hit OK, then OK. You will see that the text has changed to blue :

And that the Scanner Commands button has changed to red:

A new file is created:

With the contents:

If there is a mismatch between the serial number in the Configurator and the linescanner you will see this message (always in German). The serial number of the connected with (serial number of connected scanner) linescanner differs from the serial number specified in the customer calibration (serial number in configuration file). In this example, the serial number set in the configurator was 0.

However, this is only a warning, the temperature adjustment according to the list will be applied in any case.

Note: There can be only 1 correction file per ini file (ES_first.... in that the correction file matches the ini file.). For multiple correction files and/or multiple linescanners you must make a unique ini file for each correction/adjustment required (consider referencing the linescanner serial number).

To revert back, use the Reset button :

The correction will revert to 0 preserving the scanner serial number (crucial for when the software restarts). Click OK:

Click OK:

Click OK:

Software will restart and upload the new settings to the linescanner:

Special notes to take care:

1. Use the Reset button to clear the correction, don't just delete the correction file otherwise the correction will remain but will not be evident in the configurator. If this happens use the Reset button, enter the serial number and restart the software.

2. The linescanner reset command for factory default FD will not reset the correction. 

3. The correction is stored in the linescanner and is saved in non-volatile memory.

Example of Terminal Commands:

This is with the correction reset (Get CCali):

This is with the correction set:

This is how to reset by command: