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In a single or multi-scanner system, after taking triggered snapshots at the same time (or close to the same), it is possible when displaying the views via Snapshot History (F3) to have the snapshots linked (based on windows time stamp). When you increment the view of the 1st view, the 2nd and subsequent views automatically follow (buttons are greyed out).

Typical uses:

1. Dual scanner system where the same item is scanned from both sides - the graphical history should always display both sides together. One example is the measurement of cured plywood on the oven exit.

2. Dual or multiple scanner system where sequential views are displayed - the graphical history can track a product along the line. One example is in hot stamping or hot rolling where you want to display snapshots before and after a stamping, pressing or rolling process.

3. Single scanner system where you want to display a number or previous snapshots. One example is in glass tempering where the last number of furnace loads can be displayed.

Extract from manual (Tech Support Hints added in Blue):

Chain Up History View

The function <Chain Up History View> allows the simultaneous display of multiple snapshots (e.g. product upper and lower side) in the history view. The assignment of snapshots, which belong together, is defined by the time when the images were saved. Connected snapshots are considered as one batch and the batches are separated from each other by defining the interval between batches.

Minimal Time Between 2 Batches

In the scanner software, the function can be activated (and deactivated - Off) via the menu <Option> <Chain Up History Views>. The following dialog appears:

Define a time interval between batches - in glass tempering this can be some minutes (typically shortest anticipated soak time).

Use 1s when you want to always display history sequentially (single scanner systems).

The chain up history view can be opened using the menu <Window> <Snapshot-History>. The first view contains the newest snapshot with subsequent enabled  views (shortcut F3) showing preceding snapshots. Batch (>1s) or sequential (1s).

As long as the interval between the saving time of the two images is within the given <Minimal time between two batches>, launching a second <Snapshot-History> view automatically connects (chain up) a second snapshot to the previous snapshot. The navigation bar can only be controlled via the history view for the first snapshot.

Setting of <Minimal time between two batches> to 1 s results in displaying only the predecessor snapshot. This setting is what we use in a single scanner system so that each view will display only predecessor snapshots.


Ensure that automatic snapshot saving is actually enabled (right-click Snapshot View):

Count (one of) = 1 saves every generated snapshot

Count (one of) = 2 saves every 2nd generated snapshot

Count (one of) = 3 saves every 3rd generated snapshot


2 short videos are attached. The shorter shows the function in a single scanner system. The longer video shows how to enable the function.