Known as Temperature Adjustment (via Scanner Commands) or Customer Calibration (via Temperature Tab), it is possible to define a correction table via the Configurator for a specific scanner by manually adding correction data into a lookup table.

Note: It is not generally necessary to a correction table unless the application has either specific physical characteristics that mean our standard calibration curve does not apply. Examples:

1. Large change in emissivity as a function of temperature where emissivity via the voltage input cannot be used, for example, if there is no PLC or control system that can alter the voltage signal.

2. Where the application includes reflected energy where the amient temperature compensation cannot be used (for the reason as above).

3. You need to provide a correction based on a combination of reflection and emissivity, in which case the measurement is matched  to the sum of the characteristics of the application and the installation.

This location of this function  was changed from the Temperature Tab.....

.... to Scanner Commands in the General Tab in revision

The correction is applied in the scanner which will be saved if the scanner is powered down, but can be overwritten if another ini file does not contain the correction datal

An additional correction file is created and saved in C:\Users\Public\Documents\DataTemp_ES150\store (or GS, TF etc)

Linescanner firmware 3.46 and higher is needed. This can be checked via the Terminal View and running the command GVM

If the serial number of the file and the scanner do not match you will be given a warning when running the software.

This feature is somewhat experimental not yet documented in the software manual.

This example is from

Older versions may have a different route to the lookup table.

It is always recommended to udpate to the latest version.

Temperature points in between are corrected as in the graph below: