Q. Is the TX rated tor "Zone 1"?

A. Yes, it is rated for Zone for gas (including vapours) and dust at up to 70°C. For further information TX Atex Info

Q. Does the TX fit into the T4.0 or XR style water jacket?

A. Yes. Was tested by Norbert in Berlin service for the XR some years ago and the XR jacket is the same as T4.0

Q.  Can I use a  existing TX Air purge collar onto  T4.0 

A. Yes    ( Same Thread Pattern ) .

Q.  Can I use a existing TX  pipe adapter and sight tube  onto  a T4.0

A. Yes     (  Same Thread Pattern ).

Q Can I use  a existing TX Fix Bracket and Adjustable Bracket   onto a T4.0

A.  Yes