Updated 8th January 2021

Software Pre release candidate


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Should I use the pre-release candidate?

Yes, it is well resolved and stable.


Text files are created using Data Recorder function with a default file name of Logfile.txt (Example attached).

You can also use the Log review function to open the text files for review within DTMD

Take care to define an appropriate Row Time Interval

You can created a new log file every day and also append to the logfile (like in v5.4.1)

Is triggered recording possible?

Not yet.

Where can I find changelog information?

From within the software via About the software

Q. How does "Field Calibration" work.

A. The field calibration function in DTMD v6 is a tool built in to the software for calculating and updating the standard offset and gain parameters (DO and DG) in the device.  1 point (offset) and 2 point (offset and gain) options are available. After running through the steps of the routine, the offset and gain value are uploaded to the device). These parameters can further be adjusted incrementally via the parameter list. 

Q. How does work with the ratio sensor?

A. In this case, there are 2 sets of offset and gain parameters (DO and DG) for the 2C reading and (TGO and TDG). In this case "T" stands for "top sensor" or the detector wafer at the front of the device, also referred to as the wide band detector.

The field calibration function applies offset and gain only to the final calculated temperature. To perform an calibration of the 1C reading, set the sensor into 1C mode before running the Field Calibration tool within DTMD.

Q. Is a 3-point calibration offered?

A. No. The only parameters adjustable are offset and gain. There is the idea to offer a 3 point process but that could only ever calculate and modify the two existing parameters to ensure that the device is within specification at the 3 points. This means that the accuracy specification of each device would need to be considered by the tool. This idea was never taken beyond the concept stage If this is interesting, please let us know.