What are the maximum number of outputs available?

128 Alarm outputs


64 AOI based outputs (1 x AOI value per "port")  :

Example of settings for Modbus client (master) testing

Simply Modbus is available as a demo version with limited time use (but full functionality). The settings in the screenshot Simply Modbus TCP Client 8.1.1 can be used to test the Modbus TCP output from the PC running Thermoview Software Modbus.

As per the Modbus TCP definition, Input Registers call for Function Call 4, further defining the starting register 30001. Each temperature value is stored as a 32bit floating value (IEE754 Floating Point)  in 2 x 16bit registers

From the TV40 Software Manual:

 From: Automation - DAQ Configuration - Modbus Registers Configuration

Disc source used as "live" data with AOI values and camera temperature mapped to Modbus outputs via Automation - Automation Mode- Measurement Outputs

Thermoview Modbus TCP with Master Simulator Video