To start data logging, you need to access the data recorder settings as shown in the snapshot below.

The Logfile,video & image path section allows you to choose the location where you want to save the temperature data logfile & the video & snapshot recording.

Browse and select an appropriate location.

If you check on append log file, the same logfile will be populated with new data in case you stop & then start the recording.

If you let the append log file option unchecked, a new logfile will be created every time you stop & start recording.

Check on the include date in time column option to save date next to time in the logfile

The row interval defines the interval time between two consecutively logged data.

You can use the rotate logfile option to create a new logfile at a specific time interval. This is particularly useful if you are logging data 24x7 and could use a specific time to create a new log file.

The always record log option will start recording the data the instance you start the program. If you do not check this option, the recording has to be

started manually after you start the program.

The maximum framerate and the maximum video size can be configured via the next settings. Lower frame rate will ensure better utilization of space. Higher framerate will use more memory.

Once your configuration is done, click on Finish.

If you have not checked always record log option you have to manually start recording.

Please note that the temperature log & video recordings needs to be initiated separately.

To start recording log file click on the circle icon on the top left corner of the screen.

To record video. Go to the video tab & click on the circle icon on bottom left of the screen.