Input Signal Scaling on the Raytek GPC Panel-mount Meter

The Raytek GPC and GPCM panel-mount meter accepts a 4-20 MA-signal input, but must be set up properly to display the correct temperature value. In order to properly set up the current input scaling,settings will need to be changed in the following way:

Go into the head type menu by pressing and holding on the up arrow and then pressing the 'I' button. Change the head type to 'H005'. Once this is done, there are 3 more items in the head type menu that may be adjusted:

1.'d' value, which is used to activate the decimal display for temp reading   Preset value D001 

2. Set the Low limit of the connected sensor's range,

3.Set the  High limit of the connected sensor's range.

If the Low and the High limits are not properly set, an incorrect temperature read-out will appear on the GPC, GPCM  display.